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Some pets are considered part of the family but still they might not be able to go on vacations or trips with their humans. When a home-away-from-home is needed the Markesan Veterinary Clinic can take care of your pets. In 2015 we added the Critter Cottage at MVC. This new facility will allow larger pets a more comfortable clean place to stay and play for a day, a week, a month, or more, weather permitting.



Per Night - $23.95 for Dogs

Per Night - $9.50 for Cats

If 2 or more pets board together the additional dog or cat gets 30% off

Optional care is offered for pets who need more attention:



Play Time $5 per time

      Play time is one on one time with one of our staff members and may consist of playing fetch, tug-o-war, running, or walking. Owners can                choose play time for their pets during their stay for additional rates. Outside play time is weather permitting.

Special Needs $4 per night

      Special needs includes animals that may need medications, special food that takes time to prep or difficult dogs/cats.

Drop Off Times are

     Monday - Friday  8am - 4pm


Weekend Pick Up Hours

      Saturday Precisely  5:00pm

      Sunday Precisely at 5:00pm

Weekend animal pick-ups can be prepaid so the personnel releasing the pet does not have to handle money. When picking up on weekends you must be on time. When making your boarding reservations we will ask you what time slot you would like. We do not stay fully staffed on weekends. 

For your convenience

   At no extra charge we offer:

       - Blankets

       - Food/Water Bowls

       - Beds for both cats & dogs

       - Litter boxes & litter

       - Dog food (Canidae or Country Vet)

       - Cat food (Pure Vita)

       - Some toys for playtime are available



These are available upon request and if time is available.


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