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Wellness Exams

If a pet becomes ill or has a problem, an examination is required to diagnose and offer a cure. Examinations are optional when a pet appears to be normal. While it is comforting to know that everything appears to be okay, an exam while a patient is well can uncover little problems that can be corrected before they become significant, even life-threatening issues.


Spay & Neuter

Surgical sterilization of pets is a sure way to prevent unwanted pregnancies and several types of disease.


Emergency Care

While urgent care and emergencies can be handled most anytime of the day or night at the Markesan Veterinary Clinic, there are times when no doctor is available. During those times, veterinary clinics in neighboring towns may be able to help you. Or, there is always help available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at the Fox Valley Animal Referral Center, telephone 920-993-9193, in Appleton. For a map and more information, visit their website


The area of our clinic in which we operate on pets is call a surgical suite. It is a separate room dedicated to sterile surgery and procedures that require special care. Because we work with many sizes of animals, some that weigh ounces to those that weigh more than humans, we have stock many sizes of instruments, sutures, and bandages for all kinds of creatures, great and small.



When animals need prescription medicine, the pharmacy at the Markesan Veterinary Clinic can usually fill the need conveniently at very competitive prices. We can get some products to our clients below prices that are advertised on television and the Internet.



The laboratory at MVC is well-stocked to run many tests. We often analyze samples of blood, feces, urine, skin, and tumors to keep patients healthy and aid in making a diagnosis when they become ill.




When a physician requests an x-ray of a human patient, it often means having to go to a hospital, another building, or different department. When pets need an x-ray at the Markesan Veterinary Clinic, it can usually be done right away while you wait a few minutes for the radiology report.


Micro Chipping

Lost pets with microchips are up to 20 times more likely to return home. It is safe, reliable, and permanent pet identification. We install chips supplied by the American kennel Club that come with a lifetime database registration. No monthly or yearly fees are required.



Euthanasia can end a life peacefully, painlessly, and compassionately, when a pet has a problem that causes uncontrollable pain or develops disease that has no cure, or sometimes when the circle of life is almost complete and bad days outnumber the good. Some owners prefer to be present during the procedure but it is a personal choice that we do not control. We have often performed euthanasia in a pet's home with the whole family present, if that is what is requested.


Conservative Dentistry

To learn more about this go to our Conservative Dentistry page.


Non-Surgical Tumor Removal

To learn more about this go to our Non-Surgical Tumor Removal page.

To learn more about our boarding facility go to our Boarding page.



To learn more about the vaccinations we have available go to the Animal Info page.

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