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S.M.A.R.T.E.R Success

by Dr. Al Lippart


As a veterinarian for close to 40 years, Dr. Lippart has been helping people interact with animals. As an author, Dr. Lippart helps people interact with life. He illustrates the simplicity of success with animal anecdotes and inspiring real-life stories, supported by ancient wisdom, sound philosophy, and common sense.

SMARTER Success is the first self-discovery book to offer a smarter way to reach for goals if you want to be happy and healthy. It is about defining desires, dealing with people, balancing priorities, and creating a lifetime of natural prosperity. 

The letters S.M.A.R.T.E.R. stand for seven points to consider when balancing goals for a lifetime of success in your family, career, health, finances, relationships, and spiritual beliefs. This new system is based on the premise that there are two ways to establish a goal: you can set a goal to have something or you can set a goal to be something. 

The original concept came from studying animals, but the system is designed to help people. Animal wisdom can help if you: 

  • find your life is too complex

  • yearn to find a purpose in life

  • wish to get more out of life

  • realize your life is out of balance

  • never seem to have enough time

  • need to stabilize your emotions

  • desire to develop better relationships



SMARTER Success will help you...


  • create success in family, health, career, finances, relationships and spiritual beliefs

  • accelerate gratification of desires

  • enhance your way of life

  • discover a natural source of success

  • build relationships

  • discover a unique technique that can help you find your path to prosperity


The concepts are based on the philosophies of classic and modern thinkers, teachers, preachers, orators, artists, doctors, scientists, business executives, comedians, politicians, and parents. 


“S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Success is well written and well conceived, distinctive in its emphasis on the primary importance of creating a personal definition of success, in advance of goal setting. Dr. Lippart's emphasis on creating goals of being, rather than focusing solely on goals of having, all in pursuit of one's personal vision of success, is a laudable approach, very different than the theme of personal self-aggrandizement encountered all too frequently in modern culture.”

~ Daryl Buss, DVM, PhD, former Dean, University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine


Order your copy now -- Learn from the animals and create SMARTER Success for yourself.

Give the Gift of Knowledge

is the perfect present for:
   • Graduations,
   • Birthdays,
   • Christmas,
   • Hanukkah,
     & other holidays

Or for the person
who seems to have

Hardcover, 220 pages

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