Success Stories and Fascinating Cases

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Sonja, Dr. Lippart's dog & the Muskrat Bite


See and read the day-by-day account of how Sonja healed herself.

Day 24, the scab fell off.

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This is a history of wound healing told with pictures. In this case, Nature will take its course. A laceration will be allowed to heal with conservative care and very little help from people. While this wound could have been closed using anesthesia and surgery, this story shows what can happen when animals heal themselves.

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Sonja, a Golden Retriever, killed a muskrat, but not before the muskrat bit her in the shoulder. This is the original wound with the hair clipped away. The laceration is one and a half inches long.

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Jake stole the evidence of his crime, and then hid it in his stomach.


The nickel was used for size comparison in this photo. Although the technology was available to reattach the arm, the procedure was not accomplished.

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Jake was a Minature Pincher or Min Pin who loved to tear things up.

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His owner caught Jake tearing the arm off of a stuffed toy. When she went to get the arm from Jake, he ran off with it in his mouth and the arm disappeared. Jake had swollowed the cloth arm which filled his stomach and swelled with fluid, making it impossible for him to pass it or cough it up.

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Sonja Lippart