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Non-Surgical Tumor Removal


The contents of this section relate historical information that should not create expectations of similar results, as each case is unique.


An examination should be scheduled if a patient is to be considered for treatment.


Non-Surgical Tumor Removal utilizes very old, time-tested techniques and the latest in advanced understanding of tumor growth.



An Introduction to Tumors and Removals

A tumor is any abnormal tissue mass or swelling. Because the microscopic cells in a tumor are not normal, they do not divide, grow, and die like regular tissue cells. Tumors may be either localized or capable of spreading. Some grow within themselves and others invade neighboring normal tissue. Cancer refers to those tumors that are malignant and have a tendency to spread.


Some tumors may grow slowly and even stop while not causing any problems. They are okay to leave alone. Some tumors can grow into life threatening disease and should be eliminated as soon as possible. Tumors can be cut out with a surgical procedure, killed with radiation or chemicals, frozen, burned, cauterized, deprived of blood supply or treated with one of many complementary therapies, including herbals.



Click on the slide or arrows to learn more about the different ways Dr. Lippart has removed tumors from animals, usually without general anesthesia or major surgery.

          Scroll down for multiple stories.  *Some images may be graphic.


Dylan lives in Minneapolis and came to us because of a nasty tumor on his leg. Due to his age and the location of the tumor, surgery was not an option. Neoplasene ointment was applied. After many painless applications, the tumor died and the healthy skin healed well.



Ali, a 7 year old yellow labrador retriever, had a fast growing mass on her elbow that became the size of a tennis ball. After Ali had most of her tumor removed surgically, the remaining tumor grew faster. The pathologist's report confirmed that the growth was a spindle cell tumor.

Katie T

Katie was a 10 year old Labrador who developed a red lump of tissue on her elbow callus. It was removed without cutting.


A large tumor on the inside of Clinger's front leg could have been removed with surgery that may have caused loss of function in the leg. Herbal treatment removed it with minimal discomfort.


Tumor on the chest.



Isabelle had a very sore mouth because of a tumor on her lip that got in the way when she chewed her food or simply closed her mouth. When surgery failed to eliminate the tumor, Neoplasene removed the tumor completely.

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