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Conservative dentistry for pets


Keeping teeth and gums healthy…
helps keep hearts and kidneys healthy too.


When tartar builds up on teeth, bacteria can grow and cause red swollen gums and painful periodontal disease which leads to tooth loss. Pets with short noses or small heads often have teeth crowded sideways or in double rows. It is easy for food particles to get stuck between teeth and cause trouble.

Dr. Lippart recommends that you check your pet’s teeth often. Some people brush their pet’s teeth, but few pets enjoy the process. We can show you a few simple techniques for cleaning teeth at home. For those who cannot keep their pet’s teeth clean at home, we try to offer affordable, conservative dental care.

If you see tartar or problems in the mouth, early treatment can avoid costly and painful procedures later on. Many dental issues can be resolved right in the exam room without drugs. When anesthesia is needed, we use the safest available to us. Patients are usually wide awake and ready to go home shortly after the procedure.

These are before and after pictures of a dental cleaning done in the exam room without anesthesia.

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