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As with any business, the Markesan Veterinary Clinic is constantly being asked to support various charities with donations, contributions, and advertising. We really enjoy helping groups like 4-H, FFA, schools, animal shelters, and projects that help animals and the people who love and care for them. Part of our annual budget is set aside for such solicitations. The Markesan Veterinary Clinic also makes voluntary donations. 



Unsolicited donations to local animals totaled over


$9,000 in 2022

over $154,000 since 2013

Sometimes homeless animals need help. Sometimes owners can’t afford even the simple care that is needed to make a pet’s life better. Sometimes our hearts just tell us we have to do something to help. Sometimes we are able to do a small procedure at a lower fee or for free that an owner can’t afford at another clinic.

 We don’t give until it hurts. We give until it feels good. It’s usually just a little more. 

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